Octopi Aren't Built For Mount Wannahockaloogie is an episode from the TV series Finding Nemo. It is episode number 11 part of Season 2.


Narrator: Once upon a time, Nemo came back to visit the Tank Gang. He even brought his friends Tad, Pearl and Sheldon.

Gill: Welcome back, Shark Bait! Who's your new friends?

Nemo: Oh, those? This is Tad,

Tad: I'm obnoxious!

Nemo: That guy over there is Sheldon,

Sheldon: I'm H2O intolerant. ATCHOO!!!

Nemo: And this one is Pearl.

Pearl: I like to twirl! Oooooh! What's this?

Bloat: That thing is Mount Wannahockaloogie. Remember when Nemo swam through our latest invention called "The Ring Of Fire"?

Pearl: No. I didn't remember that, I was at primary school.

Bubbles: Also, remember when Gill shot out of the tank with the help of Mount Wannahockaloogie to rescue Nemo?

Tad: No, I didn't remember that. Sorry!

Gill: That was when I mucked about with Darla on her head and Nemo swam down the sink.

Narrator: But Pearl was having so much fun, that she inked all over the tank!

Gurgle: AAAHHHHHHHH!!!! Help! Jacques!

Jacques: Oui?

Gurgle: Clean that octopus of yours!

Jacques: I shall resist.

Pearl: I am actually not his, I'm from primary school. Whoa! Whoa! What's going on?

Jacques: She is clean.

Pearl: Help! My eyesight has gone funny!

Sheldon: ATCHOO!!!!!

Narrator: Oh dear! Sheldon has caught a cold, like he always has!

Gurgle: Help! I've got germs from that sea horse now! Jacques!!!!

Jacques: Oui?

Gurgle: Clean me now!

Jacques: Okay.

Narrator: Gurgle was lovely and clean and shined in the sun.

Gurgle: Thanks!

Bloat: Some day, would you like to try out Mount Wannahockaloogie?

Pearl, Tad, Nemo & Sheldon: Yes, please!

Deb: Where's your home again?

Nemo: My home is an amenomemem, amenmemo.............Anemone.

Pearl: I guess I should try that Mount Wannahockaloogie thingy some day, but I don't think that octopi like me aren't built for those things.

Nemo: Aww, come on! You should try it!